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    Inspire Data, founded on May 9th, year 2012, is an industry leader for distributing range of network and security solutions to leading organizations.

    To strengthen our commitment to our customers in ASEAN & Pacific region, Inspire Data headquarters in Singapore, serving a wide range of industries and customers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Philippines.

    We realized the fast-changing world of Information Technology. And we always equip and prepare ourselves to address new challenges swiftly.

    Moving forward, we understand the cyber challenges ahead and we pay a lot of our attention and effort in network security and data center solutions.

    We envision new brands in which we appreciate creative culture and innovation.

    In Inspire Data, we engaged in highly collaborative behaviour. We work closely and trust each other.

    We encourage each other to unleash our full potential and always build new better models that will accelerates businesses.

    We build a company that inspire the modern generation to create the highest levels of employee engagement and commitment.

    Inspire Data's services is done in consideration of the needs and the future of our customers.

    Our team consists of certified engineers, experienced executives, dedicated and passionate sales consultants, always provides the best approach to help organizations in the public and private sectors to grow and innovate.

    Inspire Data is always creating new approach in:

  • Faster ways to ship and deliver
  • Better communication in understanding customers’ needs
  • Newer technology and product to improve the current performance