Malware detection and real-time insights into advanced persistent attacks

Vectra detects malware and any phase of an advanced cyber attack as it happens and describes what the attacker is doing. Vectra's machine learning adapts as attacks evolve and anticipates the attackers' next move in real time so it can be stopped.

  • Simple to deploy

    With a few simple instructions, the Vectra software is ready to use with no customization. Vectra listens, thinks and learns everything it needs to identify an attack at any phase.

  • Works for everything

    Vectra performs malware detection and identifies attacks on all operating systems, applications and devices. The Vectra cloud service automatically updates platforms to detect new attack behaviors.

  • Continuous and real time

    Vectra is always listening rather than scanning periodically. It detects when the attack starts, changes or subsides, and the details are always one click away.

  • Another brain always helps

    Machine learning and data science enable Vectra to detect never-seen-before attacks at any stage across the entire attack surface of your organization.

  • Intuitive adaptive reporting

    Vectra’s innovative Threat Certainty Index™ automatically displays the more significant threats in real time, based on contextual scoring, so you always address detections that matter.

  • Mobile-workforce friendly

    Vectra detects threats walked into an organization everyday on personal mobile devices that prevention security systems at the perimeter never see.